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Be Bigger Than Your Excuses

June 7, 2024

(and give yourself grace).

When going after your goals, there are going to be moments you want to give up. 

There are going to be moments where it’s too hard, you don’t have time, and there are a million other excuses. 

If you don’t have that feeling, you aren’t pushing hard enough. 

The fact that you are feeling like giving up means that you are doing something that is pushing you, that is challenging you, that is making you a better person. 

You have to keep going. 

You have to buckle down, say, screw this, I’m bigger than my excuses. You have to go after it because that’s what we do. That’s where our strength comes from. That’s where our confidence come from. 

That’s how we know in tough times that we can do hard things…because when we want to give up, we don’t. 

And if you do give up for a period of time, if you allow yourself to listen to that punk and give up, that is okay too. You are human and we are not perfect. If we were, the world would be so much different, wouldn’t it? And everyone has a different idea of perfect anyways.

The goal then, is to minimize the time between giving up and getting back on the horse, getting back in the game, getting back to work. 

There was a time when I had to do three 1000 meters on the ski erg and I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t care about my damper setting. I didn’t care about finding out the data. I wasn’t going to do it. I was halfway home before I turn around and went back because 

it’s doing the things that you don’t want do that build your character. 

It’s doing the things you don’t want to do that you know you need to do that make you a stronger person. 

That makes you more unstoppable. 

The more unstoppable that we become, the more badass things we can do, the harder we can push, the more challenges we can take. 

Because we have the confidence and the know-all. When it gets hard, we’re going to keep pushing. 

We may take a short break, we may take a moment to regroup and cycle back, but we know that we are going to get it. 

So if you feel like giving up, know, it’s okay. You have permission to feel like that. You even have permission to give up. 

You do not have permission to not come back. 

You do not have permission to not keep trying because you have to. 

You have to push through. 

You are worth it.

Journaling Prompts

What goal have you gone after that you sometimes felt like quitting?

What were the reasons that you wanted to quit?

Are you proud of the way you responded? If so why? If not, why? What could you have done differently?

What are some moments you showed yourself you are so much more capable than you had previously believed?

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