When you're family is your number one priority...

it's pretty easy to put yourself on the back burner. And when you know time is ticking and your babies aren't going to be home forever, it's even MORE important to make every minute count. But what happens when your babies have babies....are you still going to be able to pick them up, throw them over your shoulder, and run off into the sunset?!

Always want to chase sunsets?! SCROLL ON!

Personal Training

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!!!

By taking care of you NOW, you're going to be fit and toned, strong and sexy, and so damn confident that when you hit 80, you're still going to be hiking, diving, running, jumping and carrying those grandbabies around like it's nothing!! 


is NOT something that will ever come out of our mouths....at least if I can help it!

Unfortunately, falling is the number one cause of injury in people over the age of 65 and it can lead to:

  • fractures
  • nursing home admittance
  • reduced social participation
  • increased need for care (good-bye independence!)

I'm Bethany Schmidl.

A move better, eat better, so you can always chase your babies into the sunset coach. I take my knowledge and experience from over a decade in the industry, to co-create a plan that takes YOUR life into consideration, complete with ways to overcome the hang-ups and struggles that always appear when you get serious!

With daily accountability, weekly check-ins, and workouts that fit your life, in 3 months you're going to look in the mirror and be like "who is this beautiful, strong, badass woman?!" okay, okay, it may be closer to six months because c'mon, 

Reducing our independence, needing more care, and going into a nursing home is NOT on our list of things to do.

And if you're anything like me, we don't have time for that. 

Which is where I come in. 

mom life is real life and it's always calling 📞

"I've lost self doubt, fat and feelings of guilt...I've gained a ton of muscle, insight, confidence and good health...I wouldn't trade Bethany for anything.

mom of 3,
got her groove back:


real results

Together we figure out a plan, complete with how to overcome potential struggles, so you're like "holy sheezeballs, this might actually work!" 


With daily accountability, weekly check-ins, and some determination, in 3 months we will have burned SO many calories happy dancing celebrating ALL your victories!


It's time to push back the drivers seat, slide off your shoes and get cozy, because we are talking all about YOU. Your goals, likes, dislikes, family, routines and more!

🥂GOAL talk time

Here's How We Make it Happen

“We both know it's going to be more fun spending money getting fit and sexy than on hip surgeries and home health nurses”

It's time to give yourself permission to invest in YOU

You could TOTALLY go to a commercial gym, talk to a sales guy, pay for a package and get assigned a trainer who you pray understands your needs and goals, and can really get you. 

You COULD find a program online, get through the first week or two, and then fall off because your spending more time looking up movements, wondering if you're doing it right annnnddd no one really cares of you're doing it, so why not just skip today's workout 🤷‍♀️?

You can even do nothing because there is literally no time in the day and both money and sleep are in short supply. If you're in a wheelchair by the time your granddaughter is graduating 8th grade, you're totally fine missing it because everyone is busy and can't come get you, right?!

Deep breath girl.

Because we both know it's going to be more fun spending money getting fit, strong, and sexy versus hip surgeries, wheel chairs and nursing homes. 

I was having a really hard time just physically getting up, getting out of bed, off the toilet, around my classroom...finally I told myself I can't help anybody else if I don't take care of me. So I reached out to Bethany. A year later, I've lost over 25 pounds, 20 inches all over and I feel a lot stronger and am able to do the things that I used to be able to do. I see it in my abs, my legs are stronger, and I know I can lift weights and still look feminine 💪

"I was having a hard time just getting around...now I'm able to do all the things I used to!"

down pounds/Inches, Up Confidence/strength


Bethany’s program and feedback helped me get back into workout without judgement. I feel comfortable with her. She motivates me and reassures me of my abilities. I have seen significant improvements in my weights & stamina while not feeling overworked. The programming allows me flexibility, one-on-one feedback, and skill development, which all contribute to me maintaining a healthy mindset. I am feeling more fit and I motivated to actually workout each day. I would 10/10 recommend Bethany and her online training program!

"I would 10/10 recommend Bethany and her online training program."


Got back into working out

I was depressed and unhappy with myself. Working with Bethany this past year I have lost 40 pounds! She is a cheerleader, listener, supporter and will push you past your comfort zone, making you feel like you are the strongest person both mentally and physically! I have learned so much about myself and what my body can do. 

"I haven't seen this number on the scale since my oldest was a baby."

Got her Smile Back & Lost 40lbs


Yes, It Really Works

Hip replacements, wheel chairs and care homes are Not for you

you want to keep doing the things you love forever

you're ready to change your life, little by little

You're tired of aches and pains

If you're thinking about future you

Is This Right For You?

If you're not sure which is going to be the best choice for you, it's one of the things we'll talk about on our Girl Talk Call

Both options include:
Access to the TrueCoach App
Daily Accountability
Weekly Check-Ins
Customized Workouts
Progress Tracking
Meal Ideas
Guide to Protein
Tips and Tricks to Eating Out Guide

Private, In-Person Training: Starts at $65 a week
1 on 1 Online Training starts at $150/month

So, how much is this going to cost?

cozy up for some girl talk now!

In-Person Sessions are limited and spots do not open up regularly.
I only take on 10-12 online clients at a time to make sure I can provide the best quality service possible. 

I will refund your money because life is too short to be working with people you aren't 'hell yeah!' about!

i kNOW WE WILL GET YOU RESULTS YOU CAN SEE. but if we get to the two week mark and you're thinking this isn't the right fit, and you have...

Checked in daily
Completed all assigned workouts
uploaded all requested video
completed both weekly check-ins


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

Made six figures:


We start EXACTLY where you're at. With communication we can dial things up or down depending on what you need, right now.

What if I haven't worked out in Forever?!

Ok, but, I have a few more questions! 

Let's Talk!!

What if My knee Hurts, Shoulder Aches, ETC?

We modify the movement so you aren't feeling pain. We then do a mobility assessment to identify what's going on and then program mobility specifically to increase range of motion while decreasing pain.

What if I Don't have a gym membership?

We make do with what you've got at home! From soup cans, to ice chests, together we will figure it out!

Yikes! I really want to, but the price! Do you do discounts?

There is a session-bundle for in-person sessions that provides a bit of a discount, but I've found that when you have skin in the game, you're more likely to get results. You can never go wrong investing in your health.

Am I really going to be able to fit this in my life?

Yes. You are really going to be able to fit this in your life. You may have to readjust your expectations of how fast you'll see results, but I'm all about little by little adding up to A LOT!

I have more questions, how do I get in touch?

Head over to the contact form, or send me an email at bswithbethany@gmail.com, or schedule a Girl Talk down below!
Let's Talk!

Schedule your Girl Talk call NOW so can always be chasing our babies. 

Ready to Chase Some Sunsets Together?

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