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No matter how big our kids get, and how fast our grandbabies grow, lets always be fit, strong, and healthy so we can throw them over our shoulder, and run off into the sunset. 

Let’s Always Chase Our Babies into the Sunset

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READY TO throw your babies over your shoulder and run off into the sunset?

The sidelines aren't meant for us! From hiking trails, to softball fields, to weight rooms and scuba diving, we are always going to be doing what we love with the people we love.

Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and Mobility Coaching
 for Women Who Want to Live

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Being able to throw our children over our shoulders when we're 80 requires dialing in our nutrition, staying strong, mobile and having amazing relationships with our fam...which is what do over here with in-person and online personal training ;)


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“I feel like I have so much more of everything; confidence, belief in myself, strength and more.”


I'm Beth, your new favorite personal trainer, nutrition & mobility coach.

With a combination of personal training, nutrition coaching, and mobility, we're gonna get and stay strong and able enough to do all the things as our babies get older and start their own sidelines for us. We're always going to be chasing our babies into the sunset.

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Let's plan some goal talk and come up with a plan that will actually work with your busy life, whether it's in-person personal training, online personal training or a combination of both.