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You Did It!!!

Step 1:

Watch this quick video!!

Step 2:

Join the 5-Day Banish Your Low Back Pain Mobility Challenge Group!!! Not only will your receive a daily email with the video links, you have the option to join our private Facebook Community! Feel free to ask questions, upload video to get feedback on a movement, and connect with others on the journey!

Step 3:

Hit reply to the email that’s going to show up in your email, or once in the group, share a little about you, who and what you love, and how your back pain affects your day! If you don’t have any pain, no worries! I still want to know what brings you here 🙂

Step 4:

Tell your friends! When your friends know what you’re working towards, or are working towards the same goal as you, you have a built in success partner who can hold you even more accountable. They know EXACTLY what you’re going through, if you mention a movement – they know what you’re talking about, and sometimes it’s just nice to have someone we really know in it with us.

Once again, I am so excited to get this party started with you!!!! Here’s to having fun AND getting more mobile!

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