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I believe that working out can change your whole out look on life. With every rep, with every lift, with every movement you complete, you are making yourself better, you are making yourself stronger, you are showing up and proving to yourself that you are amazing. That you are worth it. That you can do hard things. And as you get stronger and faster and when you see the progress – you step into a whole new level of confidence that makes you vibrate at a new level bringing even more amazingness into your life.

Ways To Train With Me

In Person: Just like it sounds, we work together one on one, in person. This gives me an opportunity to watch your movements, make adjustments on the fly and help you push the intensity. As an in-person client you will also have access to workouts to do at home through an app called True Coach to help you keep moving even when we aren’t together!

Remote: There are two ways to work with me remotely. First, I can write you a program based on your goals. The workouts will be delivered through True Coach and I am there to answer questions! The second way is more interactive in that I am actively coaching you through videos you upload and results/comments you leave. You will get feedback every single day you train…it’s one of the closest ways to in-person we can get without being in-person! If the second way sounds interesting then check out this offer….

If you’re looking for some workout ideas – check out this playlist! You can mix and match or do one as a stand alone – the choice is yours!

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