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Mobility Coaching

You have NO doubt that you’re a badass who has plans to be active, involved with her family, and at the same time independent as hell. 

You won’t have time to shuffle walk, taking ten minutes to get where is should take you two.

You’re not going to ask your kids to come help you get dressed because you can’t lift your arms over your head. 

And you most certainly aren’t going to pass up on field trips and adventures with your kids (or grandkids!) because you are not going to be sitting on the sidelines. 

At the same time….

You’re so busy running around getting things done, you’re not taking the time to really focus on those itty bitty muscles responsible for moving our hips and shoulders which means….

  • It’s getting harder to get up and down 
  • Your muscles and joints are feeling achy more often
  • You’re not getting any younger and that you’ve got to do something NOW.

100% of people who do strength based mobility on a consistent basis – bringing awareness and connection to their sessions – see improvement. 

And when our mobility improves, our quality of life improves. 

Who doesn’t want a better quality of life? 

Which is exactly why I’m offering…

Personalized and Customized Mobility Programming

a 1 on 1 plan created based on the way YOUR body moves and the lifestyle you live. 

These plans are designed to make you move better, feel younger, and shake that groove thang all night long…or at least until bedtime 😴😂

Hi, I’m Bethany and I know how important it is that we put in the work NOW so we can live our best life in the future. 

Give me four weeks and you’ll be squatting lower, balancing better, and dancing circles around your loved ones…unless they’re doing this with you, then there are no guarantees! 

I work with women who know that the best years of their lives are still to come and who want to be READY to have the best time possible when it arrives! We don’t have time for sore knees, bad backs, and that shoulder we always have to wind in a circle for relief. We want to move easily and pain-free so we can go, do and chase whoever we want…like those future grandkids you might have!

I follow the Primal Method, which utilizes strength based mobility. We aren’t just holding static stretches and rolling away on a foam roller. We are actively increasing our ranges of motion while building strength, stability and control so that we can really use and own our new gains (insert something funny here ex: drop it low)

Dorsiflexion Squats to help with ankle mobility

With personalized coaching, you get 

*a program that addresses YOUR specific needs so that you experience less pain

*someone analyzing your movements from the videos you send in so that you can trust and know that you’re doing it right

*someone to remind you WHY this is important to you and HOW it helps you live the life you dream of living

*make programming adjustments as necessary so that your excuses can be kicked to the curb
*answering any questions you may have so that you can understand the plan

*stronger, stable joints that will lead to better movement and less injuries than ever before – in life, in the gym, and in the future (no broken hips for us!)


*A customized TrueCoach account where we will communicate and your workouts will live

*An initial Zoom sesh so we can get to know each other better and I can really get to know your goals, lifestyle, and WHY

*Full video assessments every 8 weeks so that see the full range of your gains

*Bi-Weekly Check-Ins so that we can adjust programming if need be

*Quarterly Face-to-Face (Zoom!) sessions to reassess your goals, life and why

You’ll also get access to:

*The BS with Beth Mobility VIP video series – 6 videos that focus on the Big 3 and 6 videos that are body/joint specific

*Ass to Grass in 5 Days – the Squat Lower challenge

*5 Breakfasts in 5 Minutes pdf

*BS with Beth’s Guide to Protein


Step 1:

Check your email for your Getting Started Packet. This will tell you how to schedule our initial Zoom, complete your assessments, learn about TrueCoach, and how to access the Mobility VIP video series so you can get started NOW.

Step 2:

Once I have your info, I will be creating your TrueCoach account and sending a link for you to activate it. Within 48 hours of our initial Zoom, you will see your custom programming in the app. 

Step 3:

DO THE WORK and at our first 2-week assessment you will be so amazed at the progress you see and feel!

Move better. Feel Better. Be an independent mover and shaker for LIFE.

Investing in a mobility coach for future-you can seem silly and a waste of money – lord knows there are a ton of other things you need to spend your money on. And besides, 

Isn’t there an app for that? 

Yes, OF COURSE there is an app for that. But those apps aren’t analayzing your movement patterns to provide you a completely custom program to get YOU the results you want. Yes, they may be temporarily increasing your range of motion, but most of the time you can’t KEEP those gains, leaving you frustrated and just not doing it. 

What about foam rolling, stretching, and yoga? Won’t those work? 

Those will work – temporarily. Not only are they not targeting those restricted areas in your body (because without an assessment, you just don’t know for sure WHAT is the cause), they aren’t building strength in the new ranges you’ve opened up. 

And not doing anything? 

When something hurts, like getting up and walking, we tend to do it less. The less we get up and walk, the more likely we are to fall and break a bone (and girlfriend  – one in TWO of us over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis) and the cost of a hip replacement surgery is currently $30-45 THOUSAND – that’s not counting the caretaking after plus the time it will take you to recover. 

Sitting on the sidelines?
Giving up our independence?

Not being able to chase our future grandkids into the sunset? 

F*&$ that 💩

Your investment for a life time of independence?

$150/month for personalized 1:1 mobility coaching


  • An initial consult to get to know each other
  • Access to TrueCoach App 
  • Full Assessments every 8 weeks
  • 2 Week Check-Ins and Assessment pictures
  • Personally tailored programming based on your assessments
  • A coach who helps you connect to your why and isn’t afraid to hold you accountable
  • Quarterly Zoom sessions to check-in and reconnect
  • Access to the Mobility VIP video series
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