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Finding Balance

    To download a graphic reminding you of these steps click here.

    Sometimes, when we take a breath and look around we realize our life is out of balance. We start to feel burnt out, we start to feel torn, weary, irritated, short-tempered, unfocused. You know something needs to change, but you don’t know what, you don’t know how.

    Carve out 30 minutes for yourself and move through the following steps.


    Take 5-10 minutes and just focus on breathing, relaxing and being present in the moment. I love the Insight Timer app – you can find music or a guided meditation. If you’re new to meditation I would recommend a guided one. Yogi Bryan has some AMAZING ones on his YouTube channel. Getting calm, centered and present helps you really tap into what you’re feeling.


    While sitting in that feeling, take 3-7 minutes to allow your mind to sift through what exactly feels out of balance. Where are you spending a lot of your time? Where do you feel you’re not spending enough time? What is it that feels off in your life? What do you wish you were spending your time on? What’s the overall feeling or emotion that colors your day lately?


    First thing, take a deep breath in and exhale it out. Close your eyes and ask aloud or in your mind “Please allow me to see things differently”. For the remainder of your 30 minutes, free-flow it out. Write down what comes to you regarding being out of balance and how to bring more balance into your life. Maybe it’s taking 3 deep breaths before getting out of the car. Maybe it’s saying NO a little bit more so you can say YES to something that matters more. Don’t judge. Don’t analyze. Don’t try to understand. Just get it all out.

    And then make a plan. Bring awareness to your daily habits and begin making the shift to bring yourself back to balance. Remember, little by little begins a lot.

    To download a graphic reminding you of these steps click here.

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