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Do you find yourself looking at the food your kids eat and shaking your head?

Are your kids making comments about food and body image that worry you?

Do you hope that your kids end up with better nutrition habits than you were raised with?

Do you want to have deeper conversations that allow you to connect more with your kids?

Does what you say go in one ear and out the other but yet if someone else says the same thing your kids will listen?!?

If you find yourself saying yes to any of these, then

Nutrition for Families is meant to take the pressure of teaching nutrition to your kids off of you and making it fun by allowing them to be a food scientist! By working through this course together, you are going to bring your family closer together by learning how to make healthier decisions while making sure each individual is getting what they need. 

As you work through this course together you’ll learn, you’ll talk and end up having some really great, deep, connecting conversations. This provides your family with a chance to grow, learn new things and experiment with new habits and routines. Together you will create new mindsets that will follow your child as they grow. 

If we had learned about nutrition at an earlier age, how different would our lives be? If we knew how to balance the chocolate with the veggies and had a better idea of how our metabolism worked, how different do you think our lives, our mindsets, our bodies would be? 

This course is going to give our children, our families, something we never had and it is going to lead to such BEAUTIFUL things 🧡

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