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can mobility gains be made in 6 weeks?!

    My stomach had butterflies and my mind was racing.

    “What if there’s no difference?”

    “What if it didn’t work?”

    “Do I really know what I’m doing?”

    My camera was rolling as he laid on the floor, moving his arms into the positions necessary for assessments.

    “Does his arm look higher?”

    “OMG, is his arm almost touching the floor?!”

    “Holy sheezeballs. We may have done it Beth!”

    I couldn’t wait to put the comparison pictures together.

    I had officially completed my SUPER intense Primal Mobility Certification and was excited to put it to work and see if I could actually help my clients obtain results. When my sons jiu-jitsu coach mentioned there were certain positions that made him tap early, I knew I could help. So I asked him if he’d be a guinea pig. And for the last six weeks, we have been working together to improve his shoulder internal and external rotation, as well as other things, so he’d be even more unstoppable.

    And I am SO proud of what Coach was able to accomplish.

    His dedication, his determination to show up every single day (he missed two workouts the ENTIRE six weeks), and focus on the movements and what he was supposed to be doing, feeling and holding, is what got him these results.

    If you’ve got questions about mobility, let me know! Helping my people move better and feel better, brings me so much joy ❤️ Because when you feel better, you show up in life a little different which typically lights up the room even more! Plus, feeling like you’re getting old and can’t do the things you used to do really sucks haha! So putting that off for as long as possible is always a good thing 😉

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